About Mechatronic

Mechatronic Solutions is one of the UK’s leading providers of innovative automation solutions and systems integration services.

The Mechatronic Method is a four step journey to reach the ultimate Automated Solution.

1. Concept

Mechatronic’s empathetic understanding of Clients’ needs leads to the creation of a concept. Kaizen Philosophies of continuous improvement are applied even at the design stage to develop the best overall concept.

2. Development

Working closely with the Client, Mechatronic conducts further Kaizen workshops to optimise the design.

3. Design & Manufacture

Designs are finalised, detailed, project managed and manufactured.  Best in class propriety equipment is specified and purchased.  Control panels are designed and constructed, software written and integrated - all at Mechatronic.  Finally the system is fully tested and proven prior to delivery.

4. Delivery

Machinery is delivered, installed, commissioned and further tested to meet and exceed the Customer’s expectation.