Mechatronic Solutions has extensive experience of working with a wide range of industrial clients using the three core principles of lean automation methodology:

  • Partnership
  • Kaizen philosophy
  • Lean manufacturing

Unique problem-solving techniques and the seamless integration of software, electronics and mechanics mean that Mechatronic’s automated solutions:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Reduce defects

Click on the links below to view recent examples of Mechatronic’s work:

  • Semi- automation of nozzle manufacture – nozzle production was increased from 200 to 1,200 per hour. Defect rates dropped and the manufacturer was able to move to ‘make to order’ from batch production
  • A world leader in domestic door locks and locking systems wanted a bespoke automatic machining centre to process mortise lock levers
  • One of the UK’s leading lock manufacturers needed to obtain repeatable processing from an operator-dependant process, a reduction in manual labour and floor space
  • Automation of a brush box assembly line resulted in a major reduction in downtime between operations