Introducing Robopod

Packaged Robotics - Accessible Automation

Robopod consists of a 6 axis robot housed within a "Pod”, or Standard Machine Casing, together with all the associated electrical, pneumatic and safety components to control the activities of the robot. This means that Robopod, rather like a CNC machine tool, is ready to plug and play and undertake a whole range of manufacturing activities. The technology isn’t new, it’s established and proven.  What is new is the convenient way that Robopod brings it all together in a ready to use form.

Because the robot is versatile, programmable, and flexible with fast, predictable and precise movements the need for additional bespoke mechanisms is eliminated.  Robopod can be set up to suit a specific application or changed from one application to another in hours rather than days and weeks.  Once Robopod is programmed, jobs can be changed and changed back again in almost no time at all. This makes Robopod suitable for both small batch work and larger volume, flow production. All this means a very quick return on investment (ROI).

Furthermore your investment will continue to pay for itself even after the end of the product life cycle because Robopod can easily be re-tooled and re-programmed.

You can re-tool and re-program yourselves or if you prefer, Mechatronic can do it for you. Either way, Mechatronic are ready to support.


Robopod Cell