Endless solutions, unrivalled performance, fast pay-back – RoboPod offers a standardised platform for robot applications that represents a first in the industry.

This intelligent module system moves as fast as your business must. Its unique modular design provides exceptional flexibility and, with setup times measured in days, not weeks, quick delivery is ensured.

RoboPod does the kind of jobs that people who work on handling and assembly lines do, but in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Yet it’s an off-the-shelf solution and, best of all, reusable!

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Ultimate Affordability

Purchase or lease, the choice is yours. Either way you benefit from highly trained engineers with expertise developed over 25 years. They’ll ensure your RoboPod solution suits your needs perfectly.

Delivery lead times are short; production engineers are on hand to support you as required and we operate remote backup 24/7. Why wait?